Advantages and characteristics of oil refining equipment

Posted on: 2016-10-28 09:57:33

Our company specializes in the production of edible oil refinery equipment, extraction equipment, press equipment , especially small refinery equipment sold to all parts of the country, won the favor of consumers.


1, Compact structure: production equipment, a stupid, coarse image, based on scientific calculation, fully optimize the parameters, reactor, heat exchanger, refining device, separator has the advantages of compact structure, compact and practical, such as: all blend into one harmonious whole, the heat exchanger selection of a new type of advanced spiral tube structure, volume than the coil tube, at least several times smaller, 20 square meters of heat transfer area of the heat exchanger diameter of only 0.7 meters, only 0.75 meters in length, small occupied space.

2. Temperature control: the reaction temperature is adjustable, the instrument control.

3, Anti-corrosion and durable: in particular, the heating part of the reactor using a new type of material for temperature and corrosion protection treatment, long-term use of non creep, do not take off, do not rust.

4, Easy to operate: reasonable design, the layout of the smooth, so that the operation is very convenient and orderly.


What equipment is included in the oil refinery mill line :

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