The steps of main process equipment for edible oil refining?

Posted on: 2016-10-21 15:53:14

Along with our country economic development, and maturity of edible oil refinery equipment manufacturing industry in the market higher, some of the strength of the manufacturers have started in mechanical design, manufacturing process, invest a lot of money and effort and technical services, as is the breakthrough in the development of in the fierce competition. We try to understand the main technology of edible oil refining equipment:


1. The common method of the oil refining is the water chemical method, which uses the hydrophilic property of the oil, such as phosphoric acid, and so on, to make the phosphorus colloid impurities absorb water, and then condense and separate from the oil.

2. The removal of acid free fatty acid in vegetable oil to the oil quality, and acid alkali smelting method. The vast majority of oil and vinegar can be caustic soda in free fatty acid, sodium salt produced after neutralization become floc and settlement. The surface active agent sodium salt can also be other impurities in the crude oil to fall off, such as protein, balgam, pigment, phospholipids and other substances.

3 .Decolorization: contains plant oil in chlorophyll, carotenoid, anthocyanin and some brass pigment, sugar, protein decomposition products, which are collectively referred to as plant oil in the pigment through adsorption method to remove. The main method is to use the adsorbent for the adsorption of heating pigments and other impurities, and then filtered to remove the adsorbent will also remove the pigment, so as to achieve the purpose of bleaching.

4 . All kinds of plant oil deodorizer has its own unique flavor and taste, after deacidification, decolorization of oil will have trace aldehydes, ketones, hydrocarbons, low molecular lipid, glycerol phenol oxides and clay, residual solvent odor, remove the bad smell of the process called deodorization.


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