Development issues and presentation of refine mill

Posted on: 2016-10-19 13:59:21

The development of  edible oil refinery equipment in China after dozens of years, in the process of development, there have been many problems, but also showed a lot of advantages, which means that the overall situation of refining equipment industry optimistic about 2016, will continue to develop steadily.

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The existing problems are basically the following:

1, Refining equipment industry market has not been stable development, the growth of the national economy on the driving effect of the machinery industry has not been fully reflected, the government needs to be included in the project to start;

2, Input imbalance, the product of the profits of the industry to form a disorderly competition, which led to the emergence of inventory, digestion and lost to time;

3, Some production enterprise's own innovation ability is insufficient, decided the product competition ability is not enough, and the quality of the world class still has certain distance, the export advantage is not obvious.

But in the process of refining the development of equipment also has a very good bright spot, the specific highlights of the following points:

1, The new leadership of the attention of the industry to increase the implementation of national policy, the decision of the refining equipment industry will be in the direction of a normal healthy development;

2, China's heavy industry in the world, the most early development, the most influential, which is the refining equipment industry has laid a good foundation, solid foundation can effectively develop;

3, Malicious competition in the industry has been effectively controlled, Zhengzhou First Grain and Oil Machinery Co.,ltd achieves the product from the mass production to mass production of the transformation, the consumption of inventory, the main force used in the technical transformation;

4, The world's trust in China's products gradually increased, coupled with the recent demand for refining the equipment industry to pick up, to create a good environment for market demand.


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